Pallet Truck Load Rollers

Pallet Truck Wheels & Rollers: Pallet Truck Load Rollers
Urethane/Steel (top) and Nylon type with bearing


Supplied with or without bearings
  • Diametres: 60mm, 65mm, 76mm and 82mm
  • High load capacity, low profile
  • Nylon rollers are cost effective
  • Urethane tyred rollers are non-marking and hard wearing
Suitable for:
Bishamon, Jet, Jiffy, Crown and Merton Pallet Truck models

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Code Wheel Diameter Wheel Width Bearing Bearing Od Bearing Id Material Price Action
NPAL60 60mm 94mm 6202 35mm 15mm NYLON $87.80
NPAL65 65mm 80mm 6204 35mm 20mm NYLON $56.30
NPAL65A 65mm 100mm 6004 42mm 20mm NYLON $72.80
NPAL76 76mm 95mm 6204 47mm 20mm NYLON $70.50
NPAL82A 82mm 100mm 6204 47mm 20mm NYLON $47.40
NPAL82B 82mm 83mm 6204 47mm 20mm NYLON $47.40
V60 60mm 94mm 6202 35mm 15mm URETHANE/STEEL $102.80
V65 65mm 100mm 6004 42mm 20mm URETHANE/STEEL $87.80
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