CI Series Cast Iron - Plain Bore Centred

Cast Iron Wheels: CI Series Cast Iron - Plain Bore Centred
CI150PB 150mm, plain bore. Other sizes: 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300mm.
  • High load rating
  • Good in high temperature working environments, and rugged conditions
  • Available in plain bore and ball bearing
  • Special sizes and bearing configurations available

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Code Wheel Diameter Wheel Width Capacity Bearing Hub Width Bore Diameter Wheel Type Price Action
CI50PB 50mm 21mm 75kg Plain Bore 26mm 6.3mm Iron $11.50
CI75PB 75mm 33mm 100kg Plain Bore 39mm 13mm Iron $16.25
CI100PB 100mm 38mm 115kg Plain Bore 43mm 13mm Iron $22.50
CI125PB 125mm 45mm 150kg Plain Bore 55mm 13mm Iron $31.50
CI150PB 150mm 45mm 500kg Plain Bore 42mm 19.7mm Iron $55.25
CI200PB 200mm 45mm 800kg Plain Bore 50mm 25.4 Iron $91.25
CI250PB 250mm 50mm 1000kg Plain Bore 56mm 25.4 Iron $122.55
CI300PB 300mm 50mm 1200kg Plain Bore 56mm 25.4 Iron $177.50
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