IRT Series Cast Iron Rexthane - Plain Bore

Cast Iron Rexthane Wheels: IRT Series Cast Iron Rexthane - Plain Bore
  • Rexthane tyres bonded onto Cast Iron centres
  • Rexthane has high tear strength
  • Rexthane will not mark floors and has exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Up to 1500kg capacity
  • Long-life and excellent chemical resistance

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Code Wheel Diameter Wheel Width Tyre Capacity Bearing Hub Width Bore Diameter Price Action
IRT75RTPB 75mm 25mm Rexthane 200kg Plain Bore 32mm 12.7mm $44.50
IRT100RTPB 100mm 32mm Rexthane 200kg Plain Bore 38mm 12.7mm $49.50
IRT150RTPB 150mm 45mm Rexthane 300kg Plain Bore 50mm 19.7mm $78.50
IRT200RTPB 200mm 45mm Rexthane 500kg Plain Bore 50mm 25.4mm $112.50
IRT250RTPB 250mm 50mm Rexthane 1500kg Plain Bore 64mm 25.4mm $341.00
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