Stackanesta and Tote Bins

Plastic Bin Mobiles & Trolleys: Stackanesta and Tote Bins
Stackanesta (left) and Tote Bin

A range of plastic bins designed to carry products, components or food products as well as stock movement or order picking.
Ideal or use with Plastic Bin Mobiles.

Stackanesta Bins: 645mm x 415mm
Tote Bins: 590mm x 410mm

A range of colour options for each type


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Code Capacity Desc Height Price Action
SB32-1180 32 Litre Stackanesta bin 215mm $40.00
SB52-1200 52 Litre Stackanesta bin 276mm $46.00
SB68-1220 68 Litre Stackanesta bin 397mm $75.00
TB35 35 Litre Tote bin 235mm $35.00
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