Wobble Rollers & Brackets

Trailer Components NZ: Wobble Rollers & Brackets

Two types of Rollers are available - Nylon centre with a TPR tyre (WRT) and Rubber (WRR).
Galvanised steel brackets come in single, dual or quad versions which enable boat trailers to be configured to suit various boat requirements.
Purchase rollers and brackets separately or as a complete set.

 TPR/Nylon - 128mm dia. x 70mm wide
WRR: Rubber - 111mm dia. x 70mm wide

WRS: Stubby Single
WRD: Dual
WRQ: Quad 

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Code Desc Bore Diameter Material Price Action
WRT Wobble Rollers 128 x 70mm 24mm TPR/Nylon $18.90
WRR Wobble Rollers 111 x 70mm 24mm Rubber $18.90
WRS Roller bracket - stubby single n/a Galvanised steel $30.80
WRD Roller bracket - dual n/a Galvanised steel $76.95
WRQ Roller bracket - quad n/a Galvanised steel $160.30
WRST Roller bracket - stubby single with 1 roller n/a $47.25
WRDT Roller bracket - dual with 2 rollers n/a $112.15
WRQT Roller bracket - quad with 4 rollers n/a $270.00
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