Trailer Winches

Trailer Components NZ: Trailer Winches
CPW5B - 5:1 braked winch
CPW5B - 5:1 braked winch
CPW5B - 5:1 braked winch
CPW10 – 10:1 winch
CPW10 – 10:1 winch

These winches are high quality ideally suited for use on boat trailers, but can also be used for any general winching tasks. We have a number of sizes and pulling strengths available and a variety of gearing ratio options.

• Multi-fit base holes
• Stainless steel shafts and springs
• Bodies hot-dip galvanised

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Code Capacity Desc Material Price Action
CPW1 260kg max.pull 1:1 ratio Galvanised steel $63.00
CPW3 450kg max.pull 3:1 ratio Galvanised steel $92.00
CPW5 750kg max.pull 5:1 ratio Galvanised steel $104.00
CPW5B 400kg max.pull 5:1 ratio Zinc-plated steel $162.00
CPW10 1150kg max.pull 10:1 ratio Galvanised steel $125.00
CPW15 1650kg max.pull 15:1 ratio Galvanised steel $228.00
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