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BM20-2048L - Standard Pallet Truck
BM20-2048L - Standard Pallet Truck
BM20-2048L - Standard Pallet Truck
BM20-2742L – Wide Pallet Truck
BM20-2742L – Wide Pallet Truck


Bishamon Pallet Trucks are made of high-quality steel making them very durable. They’re easily manouevred in and out of pallets and dock boards with a 65mm lowered heiqht. They can handle loads of up to 2000kg and the extra-wide polyurethane rubber wheels provide smooth, quiet rolling and easy steering with added stability and traction.The three position control lever on the ergonomic moulded handle provides fingertip control of the complete hydraulic system.
A Bishamon Pallet Truck is a necessary and versatile addition to any warehouse, stockroom or any location where pallets need to be moved.

BM20-2048L – Standard. 520mm wide. Fork length 1220mm
BM20-2039L – Short. 520mm wide. Fork length 980mm
BM20-2742L – Wide. 685mm wide. Fork length 1070mm


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Code Capacity Desc Price Action
BM20-2742L 2000kg Pallet Truck - wide NZD $945.00
BM20-2039L 2000kg Pallet Truck - short NZD $945.00
BM20-2048L 2000kg Pallet Truck – standard NZD $945.00
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