Mobile Lift Trucks

Pallet Trucks, Lifting & Stacking Equipment: Mobile Lift Trucks
BX50 - Mobile Lift Table
BX50 - Mobile Lift Table
BX50 - Mobile Lift Table
BX30S – Mobile High-lift Truck
BX30S – Mobile High-lift Truck
BX15 - Mobile Lift Table
BX15 - Mobile Lift Table

These high quality Bishamon Lift Trucks are ideal for use in warehouses, factories and businesses such as printing works, engineering workshops and manufacturing to raise and lower heavy and awkward items. Ideal for loading and unloading trucks, shelves, extending machine tool working surface. A great portable work bench, die and mould handling and more.
• Foot actuated to raise
• Hand lever to lower
• Brakes are standard

BX15 – Table size: 700mm x 450mm. Capacity 150kg
BX 25 – Table size: 813mm x 500mm. Capacity 300kg
BX50 – Table size: 1010mm x  520mm. Capacity 500kg
BX80 – Table size: 1010mm x  520mm. Capacity 800kg
BX30SHigh Lift Scissor. Table size: 1010mm x 520mm. Capacity 300kg

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Code Capacity Desc Price Action
BX15 150kg Mobile Lift Truck – 700 x 450mm $805.00
BX25 250kg Mobile Lift Truck - 813 x 500mm $1,017.75
BX30S 300kg Mobile High-lift Truck - 1010 x 520mm $2,242.50
BX50 500kg Mobile Lift Truck - 1010 x 520mm $1,604.25
BX80 800kg Mobile Lift Truck - 1010 x 520mm $2,213.75
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