Lightweight Work Positioners

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HU-E150 (left) and HU-M200 Work Positioners


Invest in an ergonomically designed Hu-Lift Work Positoner™ to improve your working environment safety and productivity. This range of highly manoeuvrable, lightweight lifts are designed to take the strain out of any lifting job from ground level to over shoulder height. Ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces. Perfect for a variety of applications such as pharmaceutical, catering, packing line, food processing, warehouses, offices, kitchens, laboratories and retail outlets etc.

• Manual models are operated by a hand winch
• Auto-brake system prevents uncontrolled lowering
• Electric models have an electronic overload protection system
• Maintenance-free and sealed batteries with automatic charger

HU-E150Electric. 150kg capacity 
Maximum lift height 1500mm 

HU-M200Manual. 200kg capacity
Maximum lift height: 1500mm 

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Code Capacity Desc Price Action
HU-E150 150kg Electric light-weight Work Positioner $3,392.50
HU-M200 200kg Manual light-weight Work Positioner $1,144.25
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