Drop-toe Extension Hand-trucks

Special Purpose Hand-trucks: Drop-toe Extension Hand-trucks
DTE59P Drop-toe Extension Hand-trucks

The Drop-toe Extension Hand-truck is robustly constructed in welded steel and now availble in zinc plated finish. Ideal for transporting bulkier items, the extension toe folds up to allow general use.
Based on the popular GN series, there are two standard wheel types – 250mm solid rubber and steel-centered 300 / 4 pneumatic. 

Lip size: 200mm x 350mm
Drop-toe: 270mm x 600mm 

DTE59 – 250mm solid rubber wheels
DTE59P – Steel-centred 300/4 pneumatic wheels

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Code Capacity Height Wheel Type Price Action
DTE59 150kg 1270mm 250mm solid rubber wheels $395.00
DTE59P 150kg 1270mm Steel centre 300/4 pneumatic $410.00
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