GN Series 'Gooseneck' Hand-trucks

Heavy-duty Hand-trucks: GN Series 'Gooseneck' Hand-trucks
GN50LW Heavy-duty Hand-truck
GN40 Gooseneck Hand-truck
GN40 Gooseneck Hand-truck
GN50 Heavy-duty Hand-truck
GN50 Heavy-duty Hand-truck
GN50LW Heavy-duty Hand-truck
GN50LW Heavy-duty Hand-truck

GN series hand-trucks are New Zealand's most popular hand-truck. They're steel construction and are very strong and robust. They have an attractive zinc-plated finish with standard wheels 300/4 pneumatic. They’re extremely popular in industries where high usage and heavy loads are common.

• Warehouses and factories
• Freight forwarding and deliveries
• Supermarkets and shops
• Liquor outlets and produce markets

GN40 General Purpose
High strength, low weight, ideal for delivery purposes. Standard wheels are plastic centred 300/4 pneumatic wheels.
Lip size: 195 x 350mm.
Also available GN40S – shorter model.

GN50 Heavy Duty
The stronger version gooseneck with steel centred pneumatic wheels as standard, heavier gauge axle, and a larger, reinforced lip.
Lip size: 205 x 350mm.

Specs as GN50 but with larger 150mm steel rim pneumatic wheels with 410 x 350 x 6 tyre.



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Code Capacity Height Wheel Type Price Action
GN50 180kg 1250mm 300/4 Steel Centred Pneumatic $249.00
GN50LW 180kg 1250mm 410 x 350 x 6, Steel Centred Pneumatic $280.00
GN40 150kg 1250mm 300/4 Plastic Centred Pneumatic $190.00
GN40S 150kg 1100mm 300/4 Plastic Centred Pneumatic $190.00
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