Mixing Blades and Coupler

Drum Mixing Equipment: Mixing Blades and Coupler
M02 Drum Mixing Blade 5-blade. M16 Coupler

Specially designed for bung entry mixing in 200 or 60 litre drums. There are two sizes of stainless steel mixing blades which are lightweight and portable for quick, efficient mixing. Mixers may be driven with an explosion-proof Air Drive Motor (M14) or electric drill with a 1/2 inch or larger chuck. Thick or cold fluids may be thinned by heating for quicker mixing and dispensing – see Drum Heater (DHB/T). The stainless steel coupler is used to attach the shaft end of the Mixing Blades to the Air Drive Motor.

• Simple set-up with only a few minutes’ instruction
• Two Mixing Blade models for 200L and 60L drums
• Air Motor or Electric Drill operation
• Air Motor operation requires Coupler (M16) and Motor Stand (M07) 

M02 Mixer – 5-blade (as pictured)
M19 Mixer – 2-blade
M16 Coupler 

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Code Desc Price Action
M02 5-blade mixer for 200L drums – bung entry $436.70
M19 2-blade mixer for 60L drums – bung entry $261.25
M16 Stainless steel coupler for 1.5hp air drive motor $67.10
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