Adjustable Conveyor Stands

Sundry Conveyor Equipment: Adjustable Conveyor Stands
CSTANDF Adjustable Conveyor Stand

Fully adjustable Conveyor Stands are constructed from steel and are zinc plated. Star-knobs provide a quick height adjustment. Free-standing on a 505 x 310mm base, they are double necked for added stability and load bearing.

• Three top-bar width options – 410mm, 517mm and 699mm
• Double neck for greater stability
• Height adjustment from 670mm lower height to 1070mm fully raised.
• Load capacity is 80kg at 1200mm centres.

CSTANDD410mm top-bar to suit 355mm wide conveyor
CSTANDE517mm top-bar to suit 457mm wide conveyor
CSTANDF669mm top-bar to suit 609mm wide conveyor 

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Code Desc Price Action
CSTANDD Adjustable stand – 410mm top-bar $92.00
CSTANDE Adjustable stand – 517mm top-bar $104.00
CSTANDF Adjustable stand – 669mm top-bar $107.00
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