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Extendaflex Conveyors: ABS Roller Extendaflex Conveyors
EXTR – ABS roller Extendaflex Conveyor


Extendaflex conveyors are versatile and cost effective. Designed to expand up to four times it's closed length – stretch it, bend it into an S-shape, a U-shape or around an obstacle. With any configuration parcels being conveyed will remain on the conveyor due to the differential action of the rollers. ABS Roller conveyors are designed for cans, tins and boxes or products with an irregular base. Beautifully engineered with high quality materials and components – built to last.

Closed length 2440mm, Extended 7310mm

• Standard widths – 355mm, 457mm and 609mm
• Maximum height 1090mm. Minimum height 720mm
• Mounted on adjustable leg sets for full height and slope variation
• Standard models have five or seven leg sets per conveyor
• 125mm braked castors for maximum mobility and to lock in position

Conveyors listed below are our standard models.
We'll manufacture an Extendaflex to suit your requirements.

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Code Capacity Desc Price Action
EXTR355 244kg/sqM 355mm wide Extendaflex – 2 rollers per shaft. 5 leg sets $2,700.00
EXTR457 293kg/sqM 457mm wide Extendaflex – 2 rollers per shaft. 5 leg sets $2,850.00
EXTR609 293kg/sqM 609mm wide Extendaflex – 2 rollers per shaft. 7 leg sets $3,150.00
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